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Our company design and produce a wide range of systems for ballistic tests, data acquistion for industrial or scientific purposes, process control, data processing and more. Unfortunately not all products are displayed currently on the web. For further information or for custom solution please don't esitate to contact us .    



- High speed images acquisition and analysis.

- Optical target for impact coordinate measurement.

- intensified camera (UV, IR, VIS) with customized analysis software .


data acquisition

- Process.

- quality controls

- ballistics,

- Environemental


Measuring systems

Ammo test:

- Ballistics.

- Recoil and ergonomic measures.

- Sound level.

- Tracers control.

- Shooting impact coordinates.

-Measuring screen : Optical, Microwave, Inductive, Acoustic, piezoelectric.


Propellants and explosives test  :

- Static discharge and friction sensitivity.

- Detonating speed measurement.

- Closed vessel measures (see also X-BAL10 software).

- Trust measures on rockets and SAP shells.

- Primers testing (electrically or meccanically ignited).


Calibration systems:

- For piezoelectric transducers.

- For charge amplifiers.

- For complete data loggers.



Ammos and explosives :

- Closed vessels

- Breech blocks

- Manometric barrels (Test pressure barrels)

- Pulse and stress generators.

- Extraction force measurement for primers, bullet, etc...

Material testing :

- Traction.

- Compression.

- S.S.R.T. (Slow strain rate test).


Weapon control :

- Ergonomic measures.

- Weapon  rests.

- mechanical and electronics targets for accuracy , fragmentation control and penetration tests.



- Wide range of internal, extermal and terminal ballistics.

- Factory automation and quality controls.

- Material testing.

- Images analisys.

- Custom software developement.

- Hardware software integration



- Developement and integration of special test systems under customers specificatons.

- Integration and development of ammo loading facility.

- Remotely operated explosive shells inertization



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